Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance


 "[Pradhan & Associates] also has noted specializations in banking and finance ......, amongst others".

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The firm has been involved in many ground-breaking and innovative banking and finance transactions in the country. 

We periodically advise world’s major international banks, bilateral agencies and supranational bodies in sophisticated cross-border banking and finance transactions.  Similarly, we advise commercial banks, finance companies, investment and merchant banking firms, and other institutional lenders and investors, as well as borrowers, in a wide range of banking and finance transactions.

In this area, we provide following services:

Asset-based finance Debtor-in-possession finance
Acquisition finance Structured finance
Leveraged finance Lease finance
Project finance Syndicated lending
Cross-border banking and finance Guarantees and letters of credit
Sovereign debts and guarantees Foreign exchange regulatory
Financial service regulatory Regulatory compliance

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