“A well established name, Pradhan & Associates is described by clients as ‘a strong all round firm, with expertise in a wide variety of practice areas.'”

"The team has a strong track record in advising US clients on market entries and cross-border deals"


“This commercial law firm's forte lies in advising foreign companies on Nepali law, in which it has vast experience”

"This well-established firm advises primarily on commercial law, with a particular focus on representing foreign clients on cross-border transactions"

“Pradhan & Associates has an impressive base of overseas clients, and often works alongside international law firms on cross-border transactions.”

"The highly respected firm also regularly acts as local counsel for major international law firms.">

"Pradhan & Associates regularly undertakes a wide range of high-profile, high value matters ..." 

"Pradhan & Associates is excellent and my go-to firm for matters in Nepal."

Who We Are


Pradhan & Associates is a top-tier full service commercial law firm in Nepal.  The firm was founded in 1997 as a sole proprietorship firm and was later converted into a limited liability company.  In its 25-years’ journey, the firm stands out from the crowd and is widely recognized as Nepal’s premier commercial law firm.   

We are a law firm predominantly engaged in international practice.  We have broad expertise in all aspects of domestic and international commercial laws.  The firm is well known for its expertise in high profile and high value complex cross-border transactions in various areas of commercial law as well as in complex commercial litigation and arbitration.

The firm has set the standard for excellence in legal services in Nepal.  The firm has been involved in some of the most high-profile and ground breaking transactions in Nepal in the field of commercial law.  We have a large array of collective expertise in handling sophisticated transactions.

We do not strive to be the largest law firm measured by number of lawyers.  Rather, we are a firm predominantly engaged in providing legal services to international clientele.  We offer professional services primarily to foreign companies and international institutions as well as individual clients.  Our objective is to provide comprehensive legal services to foreign companies and entities in the area of commercial laws. 

We have the capability and seasoned experience in advising the world's leading companies.  The firm has been advising foreign governments, supranational bodies, bilateral and multilateral agencies, Fortune 500 companies, etc.  We routinely advise major Fortune 500 companies in complex cross-border transactions.

Our Firm has strong ties and working relationship with many foreign law firms.  The firm has “best friend” and “friendship firm” relationship with major international law firms and frequently acts as a local counsel for them. 

Major international legal directories have ranked the firm as the top ranked law firm in Nepal and members of the firm amongst the world's pre-eminent lawyers in various areas of practice.  The firm has earned several honors, such as: Most Trusted Law Firm in Nepal, Law Firm in Nepal, Commercial Law Firm in Nepal for several years in a row and numerous practice area awards.

Operating from our own ultra-modern office building with a state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, we are committed to deliver the highest level of services to our clients.  

What Guides Us


We are driven by very clear philosophy.

Towards clients

The firm is committed to excellence in every aspect of commercial law that we practice.

We are dedicated to make contribution to client services, innovation and commitment to excellence.

Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of professionalism, quality and services in a friendly environment.  We aim to provide our clients the quality of services in par with international standard.  We also aim to bridge the cultural gap between our foreign clients and Nepali legal system and local practices.

We maintain strict compliance to avoid conflict of interest situation.

Towards legal profession

We are committed to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

We are committed to train new generation of lawyers by providing excellent training to carry on the firm’s commitment - contribution to client services, innovation and excellence.

We are committed to create scholarship program for law students who would be unable to afford cost of legal education.

Towards society

As a part of corporate social responsibility, the firm is dedicated to contribute towards the society in various ways. 

Please visit our Pro Bono page for details.

Whom We Serve


We advise and represent primarily foreign companies and international institutions.  We represent Fortune 500 as well as Fortune Global 500 companies.  Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to foreign governments, supranational bodies, bilateral agencies, multinational companies, international organizations, financial institutions, international agencies, etc.  We pride in our capability to be able to advise the world's leading companies.

Our clients represent a broad variety of sectors including



Food and beverage           




Pharmaceutical and life science



Private Equity

Financial Institutes


Retail and Consumer

Educational institutions


Telecommunications and Technology


Insurance and reinsurance



The firm has an extraordinary roster of multinational companies and financial institutions as its clients.


Our Commitment Towards The Society


As a corporate citizen as well as individuals, the Firm and its lawyers strongly believe that they have profound obligation to use their skills and experience to assist those individuals and organizations who are unable to afford legal services otherwise.

For non-for-profit and charitable organizations, we provide our services at a reduced fee.

The firm sets aside a portion of its income each year to create scholarship program for law students and also to sponsor education for children in rural areas who are unable to afford the cost of education. Currently, the firm is sponsoring students in primary and high school levels at public schools to cover their costs of education.

The firm has been assisting victims and their families affected by natural calamity, such as, earthquake, flood, etc. in Nepal.

The firm has been praised by Nepal Bar Association being the highest financial contributing law firm for the victims of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

The firm has been recognized and honored by the Taxpayers' Service Office, the Inland Revenue Department of the Government of Nepal as the highest tax paying law firm in Nepal for the fiscal year 2072/73 (2015/16).

As a part of our corporate social responsibility, the firm is dedicated to contribute towards the society in other areas as well.

Our Affiliates


In order to provide our clients legal outsourcing services and to provide a cost effective legal support services, the firm has established a legal outsourcing company - Pradhan Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Pradhan Consulting provides legal support and corporate intelligence services to our partner law firms, legal teams, in-house counsels, and lawyers across the globe. Pradhan Consulting is committed to provide legal outsourcing services, comprehensive corporate intelligence and investigation services under one roof.

Please visit Pradhan Consulting’s webpage for details and its services.