Data Protection and Privacy

We advise our clients on data protection and privacy requirements, compliance, effective risk management strategies and policies and procedures issues.

We advise on the collection, processing, use and transfer of personal data through various means, such as via electronic communications, physical transfers, filing systems, media, and other technology or software.

We have been advising major social media platforms, cloud computing companies, technology companies, international airlines, international banks and financial institutions, insurance and reinsurance companies, automobile companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc. on the wide range of data protection and privacy related issues.

In this field, we provide following services:

  • Data protection and privacy related advice
  • Cross-border transfers of personal data
  • Data Transfer Impact Assessments
  • Data security breach issues
  • Data protection issues in M&A transactions
  • Cloud computing and data storage
  • E-commerce through social media platforms
  • Healthcare and clinical trials