Implementation of Advertisements (Regulation) Act 2076 (2019)

25 October, 2019

Advertisements (Regulation) Act 2076 (2019) ("ARA") received the Presidential assent on Kartik 8, 2076 (October 25, 2019) and came into force immediately. ARA has been enacted in order to regulate advertisements and related industries in Nepal.

Major provisions of ARA include:

  • Advertisements of goods which are prohibited for sale in Nepal, arms or ammunition, matters prohibited to advertise by prevailing laws, etc are prohibited from advertising.

  • Advertisements shall not be done in a manner prejudicial to the sovereignty, integrity, nationality, federal-provincial relationship, public-peace and international relation of Nepal, or to use or disrespect of national emblem, cause a contempt of court, defame any person, or against the public morality, etc.

  • Direct advertisement via email or SMS without consent of recipients is prohibited.

  • Foreign television channels broadcasting in Nepal must broadcast clean feed, i.e., without advertisements. Organization broadcasting foreign channels in Nepal through downlink must broadcast clean feed within one year from the date of promulgation of ARA, i.e., by October 24, 2020.