Notice on Limitation of Court Services

6 August, 2020

In view of the current COVID19, Supreme Court of Nepal ("Supreme Court"), vide a Press Release dated August 6, 2020, has made a decision to limit its services for some period. As per the Press Release, all services of Supreme Court shall be suspended from August 7, 2020, except for following services:

  • Filing and hearing in relation to Habeas Corpus

  • Filing and hearing in relation to Writ petition and discussion of Interim Order

  • Filing of Appeal/Application

  • Filing and hearing in relation to Cases/Application of detainees

  • Hearing in relation to review of decision and other similar matters

Hearing and decision on the above-mentioned matters shall be conducted on a priority basis. 

The Press Release applies to mattes pending before the Supreme Court only.

Owing to the decision of the GON, all commercial activities and businesses, which were severely affected by the pandemic, shall now be allowed to operate in full capacity.  

Nepali version of the Supreme Court’s decision may be obtained by clicking here