The Government Tables E-commerce Bill at the Parliament

On June 27, 2023, the Government of Nepal tabled the E-commerce Bill 2080 (2023 A.D.)  ("E-commerce Bill") at the National Assembly, the Upper House of the Parliament and currently is under discussion.  Once passed by the both houses of the Parliament and authenticated by the President, it will be enacted as the E-commerce Act, which will be the primary law governing e-commerce business. 

The E-commerce Bill aims to regulate the e-commerce business as well as to protect consumers’ rights and interests in the area of e-commerce.  It introduces the enrollment requirement for operators of e-commerce business and further regulates payment system, data protection and consumer protection issues, among others.  It further prescribes various obligations upon intermediaries, sellers, buyers and carriers who are engaged in e-commerce business.

The E-commerce Bill requires operators of e-commerce business including individuals, who operates e-commerce business through social media platforms, to establish electronic platforms.  It further requires operators of e-commerce business to enroll their businesses on the e-commerce portal of the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection.

The E-commerce Bill has been receiving criticism from small and medium enterprises as well as e-commerce platforms alleging that it aims to impose harsh obligations upon them which may ultimately lead to discourage e-commerce business.

The Parliament has invited comments from stakeholders and general public on the E-commerce Bill.  Interested parties may provide their comments through the Parliament’s website, which can be accessed here

A copy of E-commerce Bill in Nepali language may be obtained by clicking here