Prohibition on Communication Through Viber Out in Nepal

25 September, 2017

[Notice Published by Nepal Telecommunications Authority on 2074/06/09 (September 25, 2017)]

On September 25, 2017, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority ("NTA"), the regulatory agency in communications sector, published a notice ("Notice") prohibiting communication through Viber Out within Nepal in mobile networks and landline telephones of Nepalese telecommunication service providers. The NTA by the Notice declared that the use of Viber Out in Nepalese operators' mobile networks and landline telephones in Nepal is contrary to the Telecommunications Act and Telecommunications Rules.

Though the Notice is specific to Viber Out, through the Notice, the NTA has released its departmental view that foreign technology companies cannot operate VoIP services using Nepalese operators' PSTN or ISDN or PLMN network without approval of the NTA.